AMT Vacuum Plasma Spray System

The AMT Vacuum Plasma Spray System is designed for industrial environments with multiple shift production for a wide range of applications like the industrial coating of turbine blades of land-based gas turbines as well as for aero engines, for medical or for research and development applications. AMT VPS Vacuum Plasma Spray Systems have modular designs and are available in different configurations, from an R&D system to high volume production coating facilities.AMT Vacuum Plasma Spray Equipment

An AMT VPS Vacuum Plasma Spray System typically exists of the following sub systems:

MP 200 plasma control system with: Process Controll VPS System

  • MP 200 control module
  • MP 200 gas module
  • MP 200 JAM module
  • AMT F4-VB vacuum plasma gun
  • MP 200 powder feeder
  • PulseArc 1000 plasma power supply
  • PulseArc 200 transferred arc power supply

VPS vacuum plasma spray equipment with:

  • Vacuum chamber assembly with process chamber, vacuum filter module and gas cooler
  • Handling system with robotized or linear traverse axes gun drive in combination with customized work piece turntable handling
  • Vacuum system with multiple stage vacuum pumps and vacuum manifold (filters, pipes, valves, etc)
  • Cooling system with water distr. center and all necessary connections to the components to be cooled
  • Filter system for manual chamber cleaning
  • Control system: AMT VPCS vacuum control system and handling control system

For further details please contact AMT AG Switzerland!