PF 80 Spray System for Powder Flame Spray Operation

The PF 80 Spray System for powder flame operation is a maintenance and operation friendly coating system. It is perfectly suited for job-shops and high volume production applications requiring a high degree of flexibility and repeatability for reasonable costs.PF 80 spray system for powder flame operation

Main Features

  • Operator friendly and rugged design with low maintenance requirement
  • Manually controlled process media (H2 or C2H2 together with O2) with industrially proved flow tube meters
  • Compressed air is used as a process cooling media.
  • Almost any stand-alone version powder feeder adaptable; On/off controlled by the PF 80 control module
  • Capable of being integrated with further existing components from the customer
  • Full and extended safety diagnostic system
  • Pre-flow buttons to set the required oxygen and fuel gas flows
  • Monitoring of gas and fuel supply pressures
  • PLC controlled (industrial standard type) to provide reliability and system stability
  • Full overview of parameters at a glance, including system status & settings, cooling water temperature, operation hours and ignition counter

The PF 80 spray system consists of the following components:6P-II-A ThermoSpray Gun

  • AMT PF 80 control module for combustion gas operation
  • Powder feed system: single or twin type
  • 6P-II-A powder flame spray gun for combustion gas operation
  • Full set of cables and hoses

Fuel Gas Configuration

The PF 80 is available in the following fuel gas configurations:

  • Hydrogen
  • Acetylene
  • Hydrogen and Acetylene

Technical Data AMT PF 80

  • Power supply voltage  220/240V single phase @ 50/60Hz
  • Oxygen  O2 1 - 50   l/min
  • either Acetylene fuel gas C2H2 1 - 50   l/min
  • or Hydrogen fuel gas  H2 1 - 200 l/min
  • Compressed air for cooling       6 bar

All AMT type PF 80 flame spray system components meet the latest CE regulations.