MP 200 Multi Process Thermal Spray System

The MP 200 Multi Process Spray System is a coating system based on the latest process control technology.

Main Features

  • Closed loop control system
  • PLC controlled process with MMI color touch screen
  • Mass flow controlled process gases
  • Supports any plasma spray gun on the market
  • Manual-, automatic- and remote-mode
  • Integration of auxiliary components
  • Fully integration into turn-key thermal spray facilities
  • Data logging capability
  • Remote diagnostic with integrated modemMP 200 Multi Process Spray System

Safety Features

  • Automatic parameter loading for selected gun
  • Integrated gas sensor
  • Automatic shut down if combustible gas detecting
  • Shut-off valves for combustible gases
  • Air flow monitoring of exhaust system
  • Supply gas pressure monitoring
  • Self-purge of gas lines and guns in case of E-stop
  • Monitoring of robot/turntable functioning

An MP 200 Multi Process Thermal Spray System consists of the following components:

-       Thermal spray gun for each process: Plasma, HVOF and Flame
AMT AG offers a wide range of thermal spray guns for various applications. Furthermore any thermal spray gun of other brands can be used.

-       Control module with MMI touch screen
The color touch screen allows the graphical display and the programming of all process relevant parameters.

-       Gas module for each process Plasma, HVOF and Flame
The Gas Module contains integrated pressure regulators and control valves, as well as a gas sensors/ leak detectors for combustion gases.

-       Jam module for each process (Junction and monitoring)
For each thermal spray process an individual Jam-Box Module is necessary. The modules are foreseen to connect the relevant spray guns. A Jam-Box module measures the water temperature and the water flow, as well as relevant pressure of the connected gun. All the safety devices such as backfire valves are mounted inside the Jam-Box. It also includes the HV ignition unit for the gun.

-       Powder feeder
A wide range of Dual type powder feeders (2 powder feed lines) or single type powder feeders based on the TWIN-10 feeder for accurate and homogeneous powder feed to the thermal spray gun are available. The AMT powder feeders are fully remote controlled by the MP 200 system. The powder feeders are fully integrated into the control system of the MP 200 and their parameters are part of the spray recipe.

-       Plasma power supply Pulse Arc 1000
Heavy duty secondary chopped rectifier

Thermal Spray Facility

The MP 200 system can be fully integrated into a complete turnkey thermal spray facility with an exhaust system, water chiller, part handling, gun handling and acoustic booth.

Exhaust, Chiller, Handlings and Spray Booth