MP 200 HVOF Spray System

The MP 200 HVOF Spray System is a modular coating system based on the latest process control technology.

Main Features

  • Closed loop control system
  • PLC controlled process with MMI color touch screen
  • Mass flow controlled process gases
  • Supports almost any hvof spray gun on the market
  • Manual-, automatic- and remote-mode
  • Integration of auxiliary components
  • Fully integration into turn-key thermal spray facilities
  • Data logging capability
  • Remote diagnostic with integrated modemHVOF-spray-system

Safety Features

  • Automatic parameter loading for selected gun
  • Integrated gas sensor
  • Automatic shut down if combustible gas detecting
  • Shut-off valves for combustible gases
  • Air flow monitoring of exhaust system
  • Supply gas pressure monitoring
  • Self-purge of gas lines and guns in case of E-stop
  • Monitoring of robot/turntable functioning

Turnkey-spray-facilityAn MP 200 HVOF Spray System consists of the following components:

  • HVOF gun
  • Control module with MMI touch screen
  • Gas module HVOF
  • Jam module (Junction and monitoring)
  • Powder feeder

HVOF Coating System

The MP 200 HVOF Spray System can be fully integrated into a complete turnkey HVOF coating system with an exhaust system, water chiller, part handling, gun handling and acoustic spray booth.