LPCS - Low Pressure Coating System

The AMT Low Pressure Coating System equipment is designed for a wide range of applications: Industrial coating of turbine blades and vanes of land-based gas turbines as well as for aero engines and for other industrial or research and development applications. All components used in the AMT LPCS systems are designed for industrial environments and multiple shift production with industrial work loads. Furthermore, all LPCS sub systems and components are designed in accordance with the latest European CE regulations.

LPCS Low Pressure Coating System

An AMT type LPCS coating facility typically consists of the following sub systems:

MP 200 Plasma Control System consisting of:

  • MP 200 control module equipped with a 19" touch panel
  • MP 200 gas module equipped with up to 4 process gas lines
  • MP 200 JAM module
  • AMT 03C plasma spray gun
  • MP 200 powder feeder
  • PulseArc 2000 plasma power supply
  • PulseArc 200 transferred arc power supply

LPCS Low Pressure Coating System consisting of:

  • Main LPCS chamber assembly with process chamber, vacuum filter module and gas cooler
  • Transfer chamber (one or two pcs.) each equipped with gate valve for continuous operation and off-line workpiece loading/unloading
  • Handling system with one or two 2-axis workpiece manipulation stings combined with a 3-axis gun drive system
  • Vacuum system with two multiple stage vacuum pumps and a complete set of vacuum manifold (filters, pipes, valves, etc)
  • Cooling system with water distribution center and all necessary interconnections to the components to be cooled
  • Dry Filter system for manual chamber cleaning
  • AMT VPCS vacuum process control system and CNC handling control system

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