Wear resistant coatings on landing gear components


HVOF coating system for shafts with extreme wear protection demand

Coating system for landing gear components


This turn-key system was particularly designed for spraying HVOF hard-chrome replacement coatings on aircraft landing gear components. It is based on the MP 200 HVOF Spray System and is equipped with a HVOF gas module with kerosene as a fuel. With an integrated rotating spindle programmable by the robot, parts can be coated with precise motion control either in vertical or in horizontal orientation. The system is equipped with two feed rate controlled powder feeders Single-20FRC and a data logging and diagnostics system.

System features and benefits:

  • MP 200 Thermal Spray System for HVOF
  • MP 200 Control Module
  • MP 200 Gas Module for HVOF with Kerosene
  • MP200 JAM Module HVOF
  • Single-20FRC powder feeders
  • JP5000 HVOF gun
  • ABB IRB 2400/16 robot system
  • Tilting turntable KT-90
  • Multiple spindle handling device
  • Acoustical spray booth
  • Exhaust and dry filter system HPMV 18000
  • Refrigerated heat exchanger
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Data logging system
  • Process monitoring with Xplorer