Coating system for jet engine parts

Plasma and HVOF Coating System for jet engine parts

This installation has been specifically designed for jet engine parts and is based on the MP 200 Multi Process Thermal Spray System. It controls the plasma and JP5000 HVOF process and can be extended with other processes at a later stage. The system is equipped with the high-precision powder feeder Twin-20MFC which has been configured for the APS as well as the JP5000 coating process. This coating system also includes all required peripheral equipment, such as refrigerated heat exchanger, a robot/turntable combination with  a headstock.

System features and benefits:

  • MP 200 Multi Process Thermal Spray System for APS and HVOF
  • MP 200 Control Module
  • MP 200 Gas Module
  • Powder feeder Twin-20MFC
  • PulseArc 1000 Plasma Power Supply
  • Plasma gun F4-MB
  • JP5000 HVOF gun
  • Tilting turntable KT90
  • ABB IRB 2400 robot system
  • Acoustical spray booth
  • Refrigerated heat exchanger
  • System can be operated in full automatic mode
  • Automated switching over from one process to the other
  • Interlocked with several safety features
  • Remote diagnostics